Salts (Domestic & Industrial)

Balance your dish and your health with the right salt

Dohna brings you the purest salt that not only savours your dishes but also boasts your health with several benefits.

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Canned Vegetable & Meat Products

Nutrient-filled veggies and meat packed with perfection

Dohna’s canned vegetables are full of essential nutrients. The authentic canned meat is rich in protein. Both these products are hygienically packed under the supervision of qualified food technologists.

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Ideal sweetener with enormous health benefits

Relish the non-centrifugal sugar product of Dohna which is an ideal sweetener, a crucial component of a balanced diet, and is filled with several health benefits.

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Fried Onions (Birista)

Crunch on with the dehydrated golden fried onion flakes

The golden fried onions from Dohna satisfy your taste buds and make your meals crunchier.

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Edible Oil

The taste of nature in every drop that blends with all kinds of cuisine

Dohna brings you a wide range of healthy edible oils that enhance the taste of your meals and help maintain your family’s health.

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Ginger garlic paste

Relish the strong distinctive aroma of freshly ground ginger and garlic

Dohna’s ginger garlic paste is prepared from carefully selected best-quality ginger and garlic. A perfect blend to enhance your taste and the aroma of every dish you prepare.

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Indian pulses

Versatile Indian pulses for healthy cooking

Pulses are versatile food included in almost every home. From a simple Khichdi to an authentic dish, pulses are used everywhere. Dohna brings you premium-quality pulses for all your delicious curries.

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