A truly sumptuous ingredient to sweeten your sweet taste buds

With the help of the most modern technology in the sugar industry, Dohna brings you the perfect high-quality white crystal sugar that can light up your sweet taste buds.

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Coffee & Tea

A beverage to keep you warm and comforting at any time of the day

The coffee and tea at Dohna are the most delightful beverage products with essence profiles that are delicately crafted by experts to entice all taste buds.

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Rice & Lentil Husks

Build up your soil organic matter and enhance nutrient retention.

The rice and lentil husks from Dohna are great value-added materials that can be used for various reasons. They are affordable, sustainable, and completely safe.

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Animal Feed

A complete feed that starts in the field with the animals

Through unparalleled research capabilities and expertise, Dohna delivers the best nutrition-filled animal feed to livestock.

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Animal Feed - Corn

Nutritious field corn for your livestock

The field corn offered by Dohna not only has high nutritional value which is important for the growth and development of livestock but is also affordable to farmers.

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