The best onion that comes straight from the farm

From healthy soups to savory pies, all recipes call for an onion. Dohna brings you the premium quality onions that are not only great in cooking but also taste amazing when raw, especially in salads.

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Explore the Vibrant Avatar of Chilly at Dohna.

Chillies come in various avatars. Each avatar has a new role of nutrition. Dohna brings you the vibrant avatar of chilly that is rich in various nutritional values and beneficial to health.

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Freshly plucked sweet and juicy grapes with fascinating varieties.

At Dohna, you will find a fascinating variety of bite-sized, juicy and sweet grapes. Our unique packaging technique keeps the refreshing flavors and health-promoting nutrients of the grapes completely intact.

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Adapt to a healthier lifestyle with farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are an indispensable part of our diet. At Dohna, we make sure the health benefits and nutrient value of all the fruits and vegetables remain consistent.

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World’s most important staple food with best quality and nutrition.

It is difficult to picture our life without rice. Dohna is the perfect destination for the world’s staple food in terms of quality, nutrition and variety.

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Exceptional source of dietary fiber in the wholegrain wheat and maize

Dohna brings you wholegrain wheat and maize with the highest plant-sourced protein and dietary fiber. Our unique methodologies promote high-yield and climate-resilient wheat and maize varieties.

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Indian spices

Savor the aromatic and exotic flavors of Indian spices.

The freshly ground spices at Dohna consist of all that your palate can’t resist. We bring you a melange of aromas with appealing flavors from the mildest to the strongest ones.

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